Year ended with a very useful
Colleen Brook clinic at Earlville Pony Club
Thanks to Deb Curry for pulling it all together
Merry Christmas
see you in the saddle somewhere in 2017!

Results from the IQ Regional Champs
Page 1 & Page 2

Thank you to the following sponsors
of the IQ Regional Championships

far north queensland showjumping club sponsors interschool 2016

Succesful AGM held today 13th November 2016
at Earlville Pony Club
huge thanks to the outgoing
& congratulations to the incoming committee
for more info see our
contacts page

Results for the year so far - click on the link below


Congratulations to all our riders
(& doggie owners)
at the Championships

2016 Champions Arena Two
CHAMPION Damian Lamaro & Simply Red Charged
RESERVE CHAMPION Danielle Camp & Riverside Kan Kan
CHAMPION Jamie Hewitt-Toms & GG Malibu
RESERVE CHAMPION Eryn Mullock & Pandora
CHAMPION Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Saltram
RESERVE CHAMPION Eryn Mullock & Wildfire
CHAMPION Olivia Hewitt-Toms & Mr Fizzle
RESERVE CHAMPION Chloe Taylor & Chester
CHAMPION Tristan Pye & Chocolate
RESERVE CHAMPION Olivia Hewitt-Toms & Mr Fizzle
CHAMPION THOROUGHBRED ARENA TWO: Damian Lamaro & Simply Red Charged
Olivia Hewitt-Toms & Mr Fizzle
Congratulations to all riders.

25th September Innisfail Pony Club
4th September Earlville Pony Club

27th & 28th August Mareeba All Breeds
23rd July Redlynch
4th June Edmonton
5th June Edmonton
28th May Earlville

29th May Earlville
15th May Babinda

16th & 17th April Page 2
16th & 17th April Page 1
2nd & 3rd April Mareeba Page 2

2nd & 3rd April Mareeba Page 1
19th March Mareeba
6th March Mareeba

Huge thanks to the outgoing committee Morris, Deb & Kellie for all the hard work
they have done keeping the club going in 2015.
We look forward to seeing you now as competitors!
Massive welcome to the incoming committee Kellie, Rebecca, Sophie & Di.



Championships Results for 2015

Below are the overall results from the championships, congratulations to all the winners
and placegetters and a very big thankyou to all of our sponsors for making this a great event.

60cm (12 & Under)
1st Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Centrefold
2nd Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Mr Fizzle
3rd Lucey Giles & Jazz Song
4th Sarah Dearlove & Kentucky Sunset

80cm Class
1st Hannah Dearlove & Uncle Alec
2nd Jamie Hewitt-Toms & GG Malibu
3rd Germaine Regato & Jarrah
4th Peter Carcary

90cm Class
1st Abbey Lamperd & Bella
2nd Hannah Dearlove & Ruska
3rd Ashley Gourlay & Vantabulous
4th Lindsay Elms-Harding & Double or Nothing

100cm Class
1st Deb Curry & Nash
2nd Morgaine Crew & Evening Star
3rd Kellie Buckingham & FF Miallo
4th Hannah Dearlove & Ruska

110cm Class
1st Elise Bentley & Gracerin
2nd Julianne Madsen & Indasky
3rd Danielle Camp & Riverview Cancan
4th Bobby-Lee Philp & NB Nonami

Overall Highest Point Scoring Senior - Deb Curry & Nash
Overall Highest Point Scoring Junior - Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Centrefold
Horsemanship & Sportsmanship Award - Morgaine Crew
Sev Andreassen Patrons Encouragement Award - Lindsay Elms-Harding

13/14 June Outing - Mareeba Pony Club


Moving to Mareeba for our
latest outing proved to be a great success as the sun
came out & there was
a great turnout

Here are a few images
from the weekend

Many thanks to Lorraine
Craven for the photos!













2015 is off and running & I am delighted
to say we shall be making good use of the excellent new
indoor arena at Malanda. First outing is an Evan Parker clinic on 28th Feb - 1st March
click here for nomination forms


Championships 2014

Here are our winners for the 2014 season - congratulations & well done!

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

North Queensland Showjumping Club 

North Queensland Showjumping Club 

 80cm Winner Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Ben
Runner Up Morgaine Crew

 100cm Winner Julianne Madsen
and Dodge
Runner Up Danielle Camp & Riverview Cancan

 110cm Winner Damian Lamaro
& Simply Red
Runner Up Simon Bentley
& Angry Angus

60cm Winner Jamie Hewitt-Toms & Dodge

 Here's some action from the weekend

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

North Queensland Showjumping Club 

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 North Queensland Showjumping Club

 thanks to Jared Bliesner, Deb Windhaus & Sandra Buckingham for the photos


Championships 2013

 A great end to the year at Freshwater this weekend 21-22 September
thanks to mc
Di Luppi

 Thanks to all the tireless volunteers for making it all possible

great courses Wayne!

 Much fun was had by all!

 Thank you Sev, lovely to see you again as always!

& well done to "newby" Damian Lamaro & Red!

 thanks to Clive for keeping everyone advised over the PA....

 & Deb for organising the show & prizes....

Congratulations to all our winners!

& Kellie, lovely to have you back in town!


thanks Sandra Buckingham for the photos!
looking forward to next year.....

April 20th & 21st - An excellent school with Clem Smith at Mareeba Pony
club grounds. Some great progress was made with new ponies - a
massive confidence builder & much help with techniques. The oldies
got sanded down & regalvanised for the year too!

April 6th & 7th - great competition up at Mareeba. Not a big turnout so
there was heaps of good prize money to be had! Always nice when
you cover your noms!
A big welcome to new member Sue Swinston and her horse Early Bright!

Feb 23rd -
Well, we are off & running - a wonderful training day at Mareeba.
Welcome to all our new members - we hope you had fun!
Thanks to Marcela for the flatwork lessons, Deb for the gridwork
and Wayne & George for the coaching over the jumps. We were all a little rusty (some more
than others) and took it nice & easy on our horses. The weather was kind, staying overcast with
a nice breeze. Looking forward to our next outing on 16th March venue to be advised...
For the future, a couple of clinics are planned with Clem Smith & David Finch, an Easter Competition kindly sponsored
by Direct Stockfeeds & 2 lucky junior showjumpers will take part in an exchange programme with
Darwin Showjumping Club later in the year.



May 12-13

A great 2 day competition went off well at Earlville Pony Club
Here are a selection of photos from the event, thanks to Sally Blanch













April 2012

Our next training outing at Mareeba Pony Club was just what the doctor ordered!
Beautiful sunny day & not a big turnout so we got to practice plenty before the competitions start up.
Here's a few pictures of the riders that came along

















March 2012
Well, what a fabulous start to the year. A little warm on Saturday but a nice breeze on Sunday.
Welcome to all our new members, including a good few from Mareeba Pony Club

 The ptychocarpas were as beautiful as ever
- that's spring bloodwoods to you and me!

Kim Weston's flatwork lessons were a great hit & well patronised on both days.

This is how you tell your horse to stop
& by golly IT WORKS!
It's the only way I can get Norman to stop
(well without the dressage judges seeing.....)

As many will now have learnt,
Kim is quite particular

and with good reason
so I hope you were all listening hard!

Then onto the serious stuff of jumping.... 

Thanks to Rebecca Henry for volunteering her services
It was a great way to start the new year

Always important to check the other part of the team is in the right frame of mind before getting in the saddle! 

Then we were off & running...

 Methods & systems were studied & discussed

with a couple of interruptions....
 dog on a mission!

Rebecca took time to make sure each rider
got some good advice to be going on with


then we all got to jump a course, which is good
practice for the first competition


Hope you all had a great time - I certainly did!
See you in a couple of weeks ....
Next outing March 17-18 at Mareeba Pony Club Grounds